The step-by-step guided short cut to selling handmade items online successfully


You are a maker

who loves making your thing

 By the end of this program you will be selling more of your handmade products on autopilot without needing to rely on craft fairs or etsy algorithms

  • Overview

    Make It With Marina is a program specifically designed for those who want to sell their handmade items smarter, and don't want to rely solely on Etsy or other 3rd party listing sites. It serves as a fast-track towards online professionalism by removing all of the noise and endless choices we encounter in business strategy. This program takes creative entrepreneurs from pre-launch all the way to contacting media outlets that can share the news about your amazing new website. Quickly create a professional online presence, reach more customers and sell more products on autopilot.

Phase 1: Pre-Launch

Even if you already sell your products, the pre-launch phase is a necessary step prior to launching your new website and will increase sales on launch day

  • Landing page creation with the right email opt-in offer to grow your list before your website goes live

  • Create buzz for the launch of your new online shop through a solid social media strategy that gets people lining up for opening day

  • DIY product photography that looks PROFESSIONAL. We will work on your photos for your new website. Photos that will sell!

Phase 2: Website Creation

Your actual website will be built in the most un-scary way possible, but the results will be the most effective! You'll know what to write to connect to the hearts of your customers. We'll make your website "sticky" so that it sticks in the minds of your viewers. They won't forget you.

  • Your opt-in offer and email automation

  • Necessary pages and optimal structure

  • Making the most of each webpage to increase sales

  • Creation tutorial & SEO must-do's.

  • Branding; Let your personality shine to create a lasting relationship with your customers by tying timeless marketing techniques into your website

Phase 3: Post-Launch

The phase that never ends! First we set up for a successful launch. Then its up to you to apply any of these organic-traffic techniques over the lifetime of your business that fit you best.

  • Ready, set, launch day!

  • Traffic building

  • Contact the media to gain free exposure. The step by step guide to getting articles written about you and your product featured in the media

  • Upgrade Bonus: Website Review

    I personally look over your landing page & website when you say it's ready for critique. I'll make sure everything is ready before published. I am also here to answer questions on the daily!


Running a business is a constant learning experience. Here are a few more resources to make life easier.

  • Shipping tricks to save time and money

  • Packaging resources

  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and share wins with fellow students, and me!

This course is for you if:

  • You want to successfully launch your new handmade product business online sooner rather than later, or

  • You want a shortcut for creating a website for products you already sell elsewhere, because you don't want to use your precious time figuring it out

Personal Consulting


  • $200.00


    As you go through the tutorials and implement what you learn, you can ask me questions along the way as they come up. Can't get something to look just right or need a fresh pair of eyes on something? I got you. And get a personal review of your website before it goes live.
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  • What if I only do custom orders? I'd rather just take email requests!

    Easy. If you currently take email requests through Instagram for example, this can be done through a website in a much more professional manner. It will be easier for you and your customers, and much more enjoyable for them too. Not to mention all of the benefits you will reap from upgrading your online presence!

  • Could I just utilize Etsy's Pattern website creator?

    This is not recommended. It is not a true stand-alone website. It is a mirror site to your Etsy listing. You do not get the full control you need to succeed in achieving everything we implement in this program.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes! There is a 14 day money back guarantee incase you change your mind and don't want to do the program. All the information is given at once to work through at your own pace. For that, I'd like to keep the timeframe for refunds short so that weirdos can't use my program for free. But I still want to honor the importance of being able to change your mind.